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A time tested antipyretic and anti periodic tonic used to treat fevers during epidemics or for general use

Kalamegha Plus

The market pioneer – A combination of fortified Kalamegha and Kiratatikta

A gingelly oil based massage oil with therapeutic properties

A coconut oil based formulation for puerperal women

A gingelly oil based hair oil packing the combined benefits of Bhringaraja and Amla for hair health.

A gingelly oil based hair oil made mainly from Brahmi which is a brain tonic and imparts a cooling effect.

A gingelly oil based hair oil packing the power of Amla and Manjishta.

Developed specially for soothing the eyes, this hair oil containing amla and aloe vera that gives a cooling effect along with therapeutic benefits

Coconut oil based formulation containing Bhringaraja and Brahmi for healthy, shiny hair