Manufacturers of Quality Ayurvedic Medicines since 1964. Our products include Asava, Arishta, Taila, Choorna, Lehya among others in the Classical and Proprietary categories.

Manufacturers of Quality Ayurvedic Medicines.



We are sticklers to delivering quality products and strongly believe that the acumen of our ancestors is rather underrated. Therefore, we strive to follow the technical aspects prescribed in classical texts while using modern implements to perform the procedural facets.

  • Carrying forward the legacy of our ancestors, we have used and will continue to use only aged teak wood vats/barrels, earthenware pots and porcelain vessels to carry out the fermentation process of all our Asava and Arishta preparations.
  • Where the preparation of a decoction is involved in the production process, we operate our LPG powered boiling equipment at a controlled pace over a period of 4-6 days giving ample time for yielding the extract. Our Quality Control Team uses a process parameter – TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) test to establish this.
  • Similarly, slow evaporation of moisture content in Taila preparations gives the raw material sufficient time to blend with the base oil resulting in a rich aroma and strong effect.
  • For Taila preparations intended for internal use, we carry out a meticulous purification process to derive Moorchitha Taila which is pure oil fit for internal use.
  • A unique feature of our extraction process is that, post boiling, the raw drugs discharge is put through a hydraulic press to release the adhereing most concentrated decoction, which enhances the quality of the final product.
  • Our modernised processing equipment is such that all liquid materials come into contact with high-grade stainless steel and/or tin-plated copper only.


  • We source and use only the highest quality, authentic raw material. To ensure compliance with highest quality standards, all raw materials are tested at our in-house laboratory before acceptance into stores. Any substandard material is outrightly rejected. 
  • We use only first grade, unblended and unadulterated base oils (coconut oil and gingelly oil) for our Taila preparations. This imparts a rich texture and aroma to the final product.
  • Our Ghrita and Lehya preparations are made with the best quality ghee that gives them the exquisite taste and texture.
  • Our stringent quality assurance process extends even to products of other industries that we use as raw material. To cite an example, for use as sweeteners, we source jaggery made without the use of chemicals, sulphur-free sugar and pure unadulterated honey from reputed suppliers.


  • As a matter of policy, our preparations are manufactured only when all of the ingredients defined by the formula are available. Approved substitutes are used only after establishing non-availability of the ingredient from multiple sources.
  • Prior to processing, we make sure each and every ingredient is rigorously cleaned. Ingredients are hand-sorted to ensure only the best quality material makes it to the processing phase.
  • Our Asava and Arishta preparations contain only self-generated alcohol resulting from the conventional process of fermentation over a period of 20-35 days depending on the product.
  • In strict adherence to the manufacture process prescribed in classical texts, the fermentation process is carried out using natural ingredients only. We do not use any artificial accelerants or preservatives.
  • Robust Quality Control measures are put in place to ensure our customers get what they deserve – THE BEST.